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Class Wargames in Odinsland


Situationist Interdisciplinary Study and Research “Arriving at the battlefield, the Svip brothers entered into the fighting. They pushed resolutely forward until they were opposite the berserkers. Now they finished the contest and all of the beserkers were felled by the brothers. With the tide of battle changing, the death toll mounted in the ranks of the Vikings. Those, however, among ...

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Class Wargames 2016 Autumn Offensive


Situationist Training for Cybernetic Communists “Choose a suitable commander who has creativity of thought and the ability to react swiftly. There is neither a set form of employing troops nor an overall rule for winning a war. One has to blaze new trails constantly.” – Tao Hanzhang Drawing Room 1st Floor, Newspeak House, 133-135 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG ...

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