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Within the workings of The Game of War, this Situationist veteran had carefully incorporated the most important insights of On War. By playing his ludic invention and other military simulations, Class Wargames was now dedicated to teaching Clausewitz’s five key strategic and tactical principles to today’s Left activists: Coup d’oeil; Psyching the opponent; Concentration of forces; Outflanking the enemy; Hot ...

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Ludic Subversion of Tory Mendacity


Situationism in the Service of Social Democracy “Great initiative from Labour supporters. The Tories may own the media, but it’s the people whose creativity will win.” — John McDonnell MP Under the banner of Games for the Many, Class Wargames and the Telekommunist International successfully joined forces to create ludic propaganda for the British Labour party’s 2017 general election campaign. ...

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