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Subverting Sci-Fi Civil Wars

“The message of Lucas’s Star Wars prequel films is much more difficult and challenging than the original Star Wars trilogy: It shows that the path of apparent “good and evil” in politics and society is a very convoluted one, involving many reversals and surprising twists of fate — one might even say that it is “dialectical.” It is “beyond good and evil” and not at all ever what it first appears to be. This is a lesson from the Boomer experience of the 20th century’s dramatic wars and revolutions that the Millennial generation, as viewers in their youth, were not adequately prepared to receive let alone contemplate from Lucas’s films — and remain deaf and blind to today. Even as they stand at the precipice of learning it now.

The proleptic foreshadowing of Empire and its Galactic Civil War of the Rebellion, as given in the late Republic universe depiction of Lucas’s Star Wars prequel trilogy films and associated [Clone Wars] animated television series, their portrayal of cynical bureaucratic maneuvering and duplicitous “democratic” processes and forebodingly empty political rhetoric, bears attentive if disturbingly prescient reconsideration now. For the crisis is not “long, long ago and in a galaxy far, far away,” but is manifestly at hand today.” – Chris Cutrone.

Friday 26th April

Mayday Rooms
88 Fleet Street

Class Wargames will be playing Arty’s Clone Wars Game with 6mm sci-fi figurines by Irregular Miniatures and Brigade Models.


Class Wargames will be using Arty’s Clone Wars Game rules.


These rules are inspired by the World War 2 rules in Donald Featherstone’s War Games: battles and manoeuvres with model soldiers.