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The Haitian Section of the Jacobin International

“[Toussaint] Louverture was uniquely prepared for the events of the Saint­ Domingue revolution. He had an immense theoretical training, learning the revolution­ary military tactics of his own future enemies as a general in the French revo­lutionary army, combining these with local practices of guerrilla warfare. He read [Guillaume] Raynal for a scientific understanding of global colonialism, and above all, his entire life was an investigation (in the Maoist sense of the word) into the reality and functioning of the plantation system and slavery itself, from every position: slave, slave owner, antislavery revolutionary. This investiga­tion allowed him to grasp the entirety of this global system and understand what was necessary to achieve its destruction beyond the futility of mere revolt. This clear understanding of the forces supporting slavery, rather than leading to defeatism or resignation, made him sharp and unyielding, always adjusting and calculating, moving a step forward or retreating to gather forces and strength.” – Nick Nesbitt

Friday 23rd February

Mayday Rooms
88 Fleet Street

Class Wargames will be hosting a collective reenactment of the world-historical victory of the Haitian Jacobins over the French Bonapartists in our 1802 Battle of Fort Bedourete scenario for Commands & Colors: Napoleonics.

Commands & Colors: Napoleonics rules

1802 Battle of Fort Bedourete special rules

1802 Battle of Fort Bedourete starting positions

Painting: Kimathi Donkor, Toussaint L’Ouverture at Bedourete