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The Hungarian Section of the Situationist International

“We fought the Communists because they were not communist!” – Attila Kotányi

Class Wargames will be hosting a collective playing of Nights of Fire designed by Brian Train. This cooperative game reenacts the final days of resistance by the Budapest Workers’ Council against the Stalinist counter-revolution. Our goal is to hold off the forces of reaction long enough to enable as many militants and civilians as possible to escape over the border. We must ensure that Attila Kotányi can fulfill his world-historical destiny as a leading member of the Situationist International.

Entrance free. Bring your own food & drink.

Friday 26th January

Mayday Rooms
88 Fleet Street

Nights of Fire rules

Soviet Rules Chart

Hungarian Rules Chart

Paul Grogan’s How to Play NIghts of Fire video.

Grant Kleinhenz of the Player’s Aid interviews Brian Train about Nights of Fire.

The Players’ Aid review of Night of Fire.