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Art Theory in Practice

“The avant-garde is thus the beginning of the realization of a novelty, but it is only the beginning. The avant-garde doesn’t have its field in the future, but in the present: it describes and begins a possible present, which its historic consequences will confirm in the ensemble by the most extensive realization (in making appear a certain number of errors). The practical activity of the avant-garde struggles against the present to the extent that it characterizes the present as the dead weight of the past and the inauthentic present as delay.” – Guy Debord.

Class Wargames Film and Participatory Playing of Guy Debord’s The Game of War

Saturday 29th September

NeMe Arts Centre,
Corner of Ellados and Enoseos streets,
3041 Limassol,

This event is our contribution to The Idea of the Avant Garde exhibition and seminar.