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TechnoPolitics Cadre Training

“Every month my grandmother used to say, like a kind of mantra, ‘What an enormous amount of freedom we have gained’.” - Jutta Schwarz Communiqué 11: 22/9/19 Taste of Power: the great municipal socialism game In this mass-participatory role-playing game, a recently elected radical local council must battle with the legacy of their neoliberal predecessors and halt a disastrous redevelopment scheme. From Digital Liberties, the makers of last year's wildly successful A Very British Coup mega-game, this new multiplayer strategy game designed teaches Left activists how to operate in and against the local state. Come and play at Deep Horizon: the culture of forecasting to get an insight into the difficulties of being a political radical in government. Saturday 19th October 2.00-6.00pm Deep Horizon: the culture of forecasting, Kunsthalle Wien, Karlsplatz Treitlstraße 2, 1040 Wien, Austria Taste of Power game board Taste of Power Players' Manual