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The Birth of the Social Republic


“The communal revolution, begun by popular initiative on 18th March [1871], begins a new era of experimental, positive, scientific politics.

It’s the end of the old governmental and clerical world, of militarism and bureaucracy, of exploitation, speculation, monopolies and privileges to which the proletariat owe their servitude and the Fatherland its misfortunes and disasters.

As for us, citizens of Paris, our mission is the accomplishing of the modern Revolution, the largest and most fecund of all those which have illuminated history.

It is our obligation to fight and to win.”

Manifesto of the Paris Commune, 19th April, 1871


Friday 20th October

Common Room
2nd Floor
Pelican House
144 Cambridge Heath Rd
London E1 5QJ

Class Wargames will be hosting a collective playing of Red Flag over Paris with its designer Frédéric Serval.