Class Wargames Manoeuvres in Finsbury Park

Training in Ludic Science for the Situationist Revolution

“Political theories are only made to die in the war of time. Like military units, they must be sent into battle at the right moment; and whatever their merits or insufficiencies, they can only be used if they’re at hand when they’re needed.” – Guy Debord.

Ludic Science Club Sunday Sessions

2nd March: 1812 Crossing of the Berezina scenario for Richard Borg, Commands & Colors Napoleonics.
6th April: Mac Gerdts, Imperial 2030.
4th May: Bruce Quarrie and Russell King, Apokalypse 1945.
1st June: Ty Bomba and Joseph Miranda, Russian Civil War 1918-1922.
7th September: Richard Barbrook, Stefan Lutschinger and Fabian Tompsett, Schutzbund 1934.

All sessions begin at 2.00pm.

Furtherfield Commons,
Finsbury Park,
London N4 2PF

Furtherfield Commons is situated just inside the main entrance to Finsbury Park at Finsbury Gate.

Class Wargames in Red Vienna

The Victory of the Republikanischer Schutzbund

“I simply seek to establish that from a purely military point of view there is nothing whatever to prevent the gradual abolition of standing armies; and that, if these armies are nevertheless maintained, it is for political and not military reasons – that, in a word, the armies are intended to provide protection not so much against the external enemy as the internal one.” – Friedrich Engels

Cybersalon – The Critical Play Of Serious Games

Book launch: Stefan Lutschinger (ed.) Klassenkampfspiele. Poplar: Unpopular Books UK 2014

Wednesday 4th June

Quartier 21,
MuseumsQuartier Wien
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Vienna

Schutzbund 1934 – the Austrian Civil War board game at Crossbreeds 2014

Thursday 5th June

Traditionscafé Industrie
Margaretengürtel 120,
1050 Vienna,

Lauch of the German film version:

Class Wargames Präsentiert Guy Debords Kriegspiel

Friday 6th June

THE BOEM Gallery
Koppstraße 26,
1160 Vienna,