• The Book

    Class Wargames: ludic subversion against spectacular capitalism

  • The Pamphlet

    Class Wargames Presents Guy Debord's The Game of War: extended film script & communiques

  • The Film

    Class Wargames Presents Guy Debord's The Game of War



Ludic Subversion of Tory Mendacity

Situationism in the Service of Social Democracy “Great initiative from Labour supporters. The Tories may ...

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Class Wargames Turns the World Upside Down

Situationist Riotous Epistemology “In practice we always base our preparations against an enemy on the ...

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Class Wargames in Odinsland

Situationist Interdisciplinary Study and Research “Arriving at the battlefield, the Svip brothers entered into the ...

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Class Wargames 2016 Autumn Offensive

Situationist Training for Cybernetic Communists “Choose a suitable commander who has creativity of thought and ...

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