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    Class Wargames: ludic subversion against spectacular capitalism

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    Class Wargames Presents Guy Debord's The Game of War: extended film script & communiques

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    Class Wargames Presents Guy Debord's The Game of War



Class Wargames 2015 Summer Offensive

Situationist Research into Political-Military Simulations “The theory of revolution is judged by this sole criterion ...

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Class Wargames in the Northlands

Situationist Pedagogy in Martial Skills “Rashness in war becomes a veritable proof of genius.” Louis ...

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Class Wargames in the Batavian Republic

Situationist Subversion of the Creative Class “Revolution requires social reconstruction to be undertaken, difficult decisions ...

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Class Wargames Crosses the Alps

The Irresistible Ascendency of Slovenian Situationism “In a serious collapse of a system, and particularly ...

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