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Takako Saito’s Liquor Chess meets Guy Debord’s The Game of War

“The main product which economic development has transformed from luxurious scarcity to daily consumption is history, but only in the form of the history of the abstract movement of things that dominates all qualitative use of life. The revolutionary project is the realisation of a generalised historical life: the classless society.” – Guy Debord

Friday 2nd December

344 Kingsland Road,

Following its successful screenings in St Petersburg, Moscow and Irkutsk, the Russian version of Class Wargames Presents Guy Debord’s The Game of War will publicly shown in London for the first time. In homage to the Fluxus artist Takako Saito’s Liquid Chess set, the film show will be followed by a collective playing of Debord’s game with vodka glasses as pieces.

Entrance: free

Photos of the performance.