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The Victory of the Republikanischer Schutzbund

"I simply seek to establish that from a purely military point of view there is nothing whatever to prevent the gradual abolition of standing armies; and that, if these armies are nevertheless maintained, it is for political and not military reasons - that, in a word, the armies are intended to provide protection not so much against the external enemy as the internal one." - Friedrich Engels Cybersalon - The Critical Play Of Serious Games Book launch: Stefan Lutschinger (ed.) Klassenkampfspiele. Poplar: Unpopular Books UK 2014 Wednesday 4th June 6.30pm Quartier 21, MuseumsQuartier Wien Museumsplatz 1 1070 Vienna Austria Schutzbund 1934 - the Austrian Civil War board game at Crossbreeds 2014 Thursday 5th June 9.30pm Traditionscafé Industrie Margaretengürtel 120, 1050 Vienna, Austria Lauch of the German film version: Class Wargames Präsentiert Guy Debords Kriegspiel Friday 6th June 6.30pm THE BOEM Gallery Koppstraße 26, 1160 Vienna, Austria