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Class Wargames presents Guy Debord’s The Game of War

  • Wednesday 19th January – Saturday 26th February, Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm
  • ICIA Art Space 2

Class Wargames

Guy Debord is celebrated as chief strategist of the revolutionary group Situationist International. His book, The Society of the Spectacle is a searing critique of the media-saturated society of consumer capitalism. After the May 1968 Revolution, Debord and his partner, Alice Becker-Ho, quit Paris and went to live in a remote French village. Debord devoted the remaining two decades of his life to his project: The Game of War. For him it wasn’t just a game, but a guide to how people should live their lives within Fordist society. By playing, revolutionary activists could learn how to fight and win against the oppressors of spectacular society.

Class Wargames is a collective of artists, academics and activists. Their multi-media exhibition includes a film treatise on revolutionary strategy in the cybernetic age inspired by Debord’s cut and paste movie-making techniques.

With their participatory performances of The Game of War, Class Wargames investigate gaming as a metaphor for social relations under repressive neo-liberalism and claim they are ‘training the militants of the cybernetic communist revolution to come’.

Exhibition Reception & Associated Events

Exhibition Reception
Wednesday 9th February, 6.30pm, ICIA Art Space 2

Artists’ Talk and The Game of War
Participatory Performance

Wednesday 9th February, 7-9pm, ICIA Art Space 2

Participatory Re-performance
of HG Wells’ Little Wars

Saturday 26th February, 1.30-5pm, Claverton Down Community Hall

Exhibition Opening: Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm

Photos of the exhibition and The Game of War & Little Wars performances.