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The Return of the Ludic Science Club

“Legislators don’t appreciate that if players introduce novelties into their games, they’ll become different people. Being different, they’ll demand a different kind of life; and that will make them want new institutions and laws. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that the game inventor is biggest menace that can ever afflict a state.” – Plato

Class Wargames is hosting the collective playing of classic political simulations on Sunday afternoons at London’s radical coffee house.

106-108 Cromer Street
London WC1H 8BZ


3rd February: Bertell Ollman, Class Struggle

3rd March: Martin Wallace, Liberté

Photos of the game

7th April: Jim Dunnigan, Chicago!, Chicago!

Photos of the game

5th May: Drakes, Jarvis, Walsh and Gluck, Election

Photos of the game

2nd June: Francis Tresham and Mick Uhl, Civilization

Photos of the game

7th July: Francis Tresham and Mick Uhl, Civilization

Our playing of Rob Jones, Steven Mortimore and Simon Douglas, A Very British Civil War has been postponed until the autumn.

Free Entry.

Richard Barbrook, Playing With Politics, Left Unity, 19th March 2013, on the March session at Firebox.

Class Wargames Plays the Battle for Bedourete

Participatory Performance of 1791 Haitian Revolution version of Richard Borg’s Command & Colors: Napoleonics

Saturday 13th April

The Life and Legacy of CLR James conference
WEA London Region
96-100 Clifton Street
London EC2A 4TP

Free Entry

Read Communiqué 10 on the inspiring legacy of C.L.R. James.

Photos of the performance

Class Wargames Seaside Excursion

Participatory Performance of Guy Debord’s The Game of War

Sunday 24th March

Cowley Club
12 London Road
Brighton BN1 4JA

Free Entry.

Check out the Cowley Club flyer and Paul Holman’s review of this event.

Photos of the performance